Thank You Gift Book for Teachers

Teacher bookEvery Year in May we celebrate NATIONAL TEACHER DAY and TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK. It is also common to celebrate and Thank teachers during year-end holiday breaks (like Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) and Summer break. But we believe that EVERYDAY is a good day to say THANK YOU to a Teacher!

Teachers have such a profound impact on our lives and our future. Teachers help us to recognize our potential, discover our passions and to follow our dreams. A compassionate and inspiring teacher is often the catalyst that propels a child to truly realize and explore his/her own personal talents, abilities, and greatness.

This book is designed to let a special teacher know that you recognize just how impactful his/her role is in student development. This is a perfect way for parents of students in Preschool and K-8 to thank a special teacher. This is also suitable for High School and College students to use as a Thank You note to a beloved teacher any time of year.

Parents who home school and take on the enormous and loving task of double duty should also be recognized. This is a sweet way for one parent to help his/her children to acknowledge and thank the teaching parent for being not only an amazing parent but also an amazing and appreciated teacher.

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Easter Fun for Kids


Easter Fun for Kids” is a fun activity book for children aged 3 to 6.  Parents, caregivers and teachers can read 4 catchy rhyming poems about a bunny, duck, chick and lamb. Then there is a preschool mystery: “The Mystery of the Missing Easter Eggs.” The rhyming poems and mystery story are also excellent first reader stories for new readers. There are also some visual and color recognition quizzes, color sheets and a connect the dots. Kindle versions include links to FREE printables so kids can still enjoy the activity and color sheets. Print version readers can also access FREE printables of the activities and color sheets featured in the book.

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